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The glaziers you've been looking for are just a call away

Milton Glass are the perfect choice when you need glaziers.

We cater for traditional, architectural, contemporary and standard glazing. We can match existing styles of glazing and materials, or offer different glazing options as required.

Milton Glass glaze timber frames, aluminium frames, UPVC frames, Crittall frames, sash windows, Velux windows, lead lights, doors (internal & external), stable doors, patio doors, French doors, folding doors and conservatories. Archways, circles, curves, portholes, diamonds, bespoke shapes, stairway balustrades and even fit cat flaps into single & double glazing.

If it can be glazed, Milton Glass can glaze it.

Are you looking for someone to complete glazing for you?

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Turn 2 rooms into 1

We can glaze curtain walling to partition rooms, offices and call centre workstations. Also banks, showrooms, building societies, offices, corporate developments and shop fronts etc, can be glazed using "Anti Bandit Multi Laminated Glass", which has extreme security and safety standards.

From a small pane of door glass to a large shop front, Milton Glass is your "one stop" glass and glazing merchant.

With branches of Milton Glass in Portsmouth, Cosham, Southsea and Waterlooville, Milton Glass is centrally located to service a very wide area across the South.
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Glass products and accessories

Milton Glass also supply glass and glazing products to the glazing industry and to retail customers.

We also stock a huge range of glazing accessories to take away. If you would like help or advice with your glazing project, then please contact your local branch where you will find friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff to help and assist you.

From putty & silicone to beading & fixings, Milton Glass are here to help and assist you.

Milton Glass offer a fully comprehensive glass and glazing solution to suit your every requirement.

All branches of Milton Glass offer a free quotation service – available on request.
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Glass for any application or occasion

Milton Glass can supply all types of glass for every application. We carry a massive stock of glass in each branch which is available to be cut to size while you wait.

We also supply mirror cut to the required size & shapes to suit your requirements and all the necessary accessories associated with glazing to help make your glazing job easier for you.

If required, Milton Glass can arrange for one of its installation teams or glaziers to fit your glass for you. With very competitive rates on glass products and installation / glazing you can be assured of top quality merchandise and service.

Below is a short list of some of the most commonly used glass. If you are unsure which glass you require or would like more information or a different type of glass, please do not hesitate to contact us for more help and assistance.
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All our glass - Dimensions

Float Glass - 2mm to 19mm - clear, standard glass for windows above 800mm from the floor.

Laminated Glass - 6.4mm to 12mm - safety & strength for shop fronts, balconies, windows etc.

Wired Glass - 7mm - clear & obscured, low cost safety & fire glass for doors and windows. 

Toughened Glass - 2mm to 19mm - clear, patterned & obscured - 5x the strength of standard glass - for doors, windows and high risk areas.

K Glass - 4mm to 6.4mm - heat reflective glass to help prevent heat loss through windows and glazed doors. 

Obscured Glass - 4mm to 6mm - privacy glass for allowing light in, but blocking inward / outward view with differing degrees of obscurity.

Patterned Glass - 4mm to 6mm - style & privacy for allowing maximum light with stylish patterns. 

Multi Laminated Anti Bandit Glass - 6.8mm to 36mm - super strength & security glass, used in banks etc - call for details.

Picture Glass - Galleria - 2mm - non reflective, to prevent shine and reflections from spoiling picture viewing.

Mirrors - 3mm to 6mm - silver & colour tinted - polished, shaped, bevelled, drilled and framed.

Table Tops & Shelving - 4mm to 19mm - shaped, polished and toughened for a professional finish. 

Optiwhite™ Glass - 4mm to 10mm - a specially developed float glass which displays none of the slight green tint apparent in standard 'clear' glass.

Colour Coated Splashbacks - 4mm to 10mm - durable, heat resistant & hygienic. A stunning feature with a huge colour choice. 

Leaded Glass - 4mm to 19mm - a traditional glazing effect to add character and charm to doors and windows.

Fire Resistant Glass - 7mm to 32mm - a wide range of fire-resistant glass types offering increasing levels of protection. 

Perspex & Polycarbonate - excellent alternative to glass - lightweight, suits a wide range of applications.

Spy Mirror - ensure maximum visibility and eliminate blind spots. 

Sandblasted / Acid Etched Glass - authentic and traditional methods.

New Double Glazed Sealed Units - fogged / misted glass units replaced, old units upgraded to modern standards. 

UPVC Window Frames - all shapes and types of UPVC frames available as supply only or can be fitted if required.

Double Glazed Doors - supplied and fitted. A huge choice of different styles to enhance your property. 

Heat Soaked Toughened Glass - extra strong & extra thick. Suitable for heavy duty applications, i.e. pond & swimming pool viewing panels.

One Way Mirror (Spy) - see without being seen!, commonly used in offices, shops, banks, etc, for discreet security. 

Cat Flaps For Double Glazed Doors - highly convenient, can be cut through double glazed glass units or UPVC door panels.

Integral Glazing Blinds - an amazing product. Blinds are inset between the glass of double glazed units. No more cleaning. 

Glass Canopies - stylish glass canopies to cover the entrance to your property shielding your visitors from rain / snow etc.

Glass Balustrades - a stylish alternative to spindles. A great way to enhance your stairway. 

Glass Balconies - enhance your balcony using glass, an attractive way of making your balcony very stylish.

Bullet Resistant Glass - different specifications for different levels of protection from bullets. 

Bomb Blast Window Film - safety backing film to protect from the shattering effect of bomb blasts.

Safety & Privacy Window Films - assorted backing films for safety and privacy. 

Solar Control Window Films - backing films for reflecting heat inwards or reflecting light outwards.

Greenhouse / Horticultural Glass - economy glass to suit all greenhouse and horticultural applications.

Pilkington Activ™ - Self Cleaning Glass - for those hard to clean places, conservatory roof, high windows, skylights.
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All our glass - In Detail

Float Glass

Float glass gets its name from the manufacturing process used to make it. Molten glass is 'floated' onto a bed of tin to ensure a glass sheet is flat and distortion free. Float glass is suitable for many standard applications where safety glass is not required. Float glass is also most commonly used for windows that are above 800mm from the floor. The 800mm requirement is a government set standard for safety reasons.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is float glass that has been through a rigorous heating & cooling procedure, this procedure makes toughened glass 5x stronger than float glass. It is commonly used for glazed doors, low level windows (below 800mm) tabletops and glass shelving etc. If broken, toughened glass will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces that do not have the jagged sharp edges associated with broken float glass. It is important to remember that once glass has been through the toughening process, it is impossible to cut or alter again as the glass will shatter if broken or cut in anyway.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is quite literally 2 sheets of glass that are "laminated" together using a special safety film. This safety film is designed to hold the fragments in place if the glass is broken, making it harder to break through. It is this safety film that creates the extra safety and extra security required when using laminated glass. Commonly used in shop windows, offices, schools, hospitals and community doors etc. A very popular choice for that extra safety and security.

Wired Glass

Wired glass is available in clear or obscured. As its name suggests it has a wire mesh in the centre of the glass which helps give it strength. Originally developed as a cheap fire resistant glass, it is now widely used for glass roofing etc. Commonly seen in community fire doors that require glazing but still need to retain its fire-proofing properties.

Picture Glass

Picture glass is a 2mm non-reflective glass which helps prevent reflections and glares from spoiling your pictures and photographs. It's high transparency but low reflective properties reduce glares & reflections. Being only 2mm it is also very light, making it ideal for hanging pictures.

Greenhouse Glass

Greenhouse glass is a budget range of glass which is highly suited to horticultural applications. It is 3mm thick as per standard greenhouse requirements. Milton Glass carry this in stock and also pre-cut in the standard sizes. If you require different sizes our staff will happily cut it to size for you.

Milton Glass offer a fully comprehensive glass and glazing solution to suit your every requirement.
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Milton Glass supply and fit all types of specialist glass.

Many applications require the use of specialist glass, below is a small list of the most popular types of specialist glass. If you are unsure about which glass to use for a particular job / application, please contact your local branch for assistance from friendly, experienced & knowledgeable staff.
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K Glass

K Glass is a low emissivity coated glass which helps reduce heat loss through your glazed areas. This specialist coating is a very poor heat conductor which helps prevent heat being transferred outside, saving on fuel and energy costs. K Glass is available in float, toughened or laminated glass and easily helps to meet and exceed the requirements of building regulations concerning energy efficiency.

Optiwhite™ Glass

Optiwhite™ Glass is a specially developed float glass which displays none of the slight green tint apparent in most standard 'clear' glass, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from commercial facades to UV bonded glass furniture. Our image shows the colour difference between standard glass and Optiwhite™ glass. Available as float, toughened or laminated in thicknesses up to 19mm.

Activ™ Self Cleaning Glass

The unique dual-action of the Activ™ coating uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from organic dirt, giving you not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better-looking windows. It can be used in almost any external domestic application. The unique coating is not worn away or rubbed off and lasts the lifetime of the glazing itself. It is an ideal choice for those hard to clean places.

Multi Laminated Glass ("Anti Bandit Glass")

Multi Laminated Glass is a specialist security product. The multi-layered laminate resists penetration, the glass may break but the interlayers retain overall integrity and continues to act as an effective barrier. Protects against break-ins by preventing or slowing down burglary attempts and withstands repeated blows from heavy objects such as bricks, hammers, crowbars and similar hand held heavy objects. Typical applications include buildings, houses or shops displaying valuable goods, banks, building societies, post offices, security glazing in hospitals and prisons, museum display cases etc.

Fire Resistant Glass

A range of Fire Resistant Glass types are available offering increasing levels of protection, which is measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes). It should be noted that Fire Resistant Glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system and installation should be carried out by specialists in order to ensure that the expected fire performance is achieved should it be called upon.

Heat Soaked Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass can be 'heat soaked' to provide a superior quality, making the pane much less susceptible to fracture. It has greater resistance to mechanical shocks and greater resistance to thermal stresses. With its superior strength, it is commonly used in heavy duty applications.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass consists of multiple layers of thinner glass, less than 12mm, separated by thin layers (0.38mm) of interlayer. Bullet resistant laminates consist of multiple pieces of glass with a polycarbonate spall plate bonded together by interlayers of polyvinyl butyral or aliphatic urethane. These laminates can resist bullet penetration from a variety of small arms and rifles. This monolithic construction provides an invisible protection.

Milton Glass offer a fully comprehensive glass and glazing solution to suit your every requirement.
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